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Movie Review-Chandni Chowk to China

chandni chowk to china

chandni chowk to china

Ppl who plan to watch to this …beware ..if u hv already seen “kung-fu Panda” …thn this will be a real version of animated movie ….where the panda is repalced Akshay Kumar …

Comparison :-

panda eats a lot and cooks also …akshay does both but more towards cooking..

Panda wants to learn Kung fu after villain entry learns it

Akshay also learns Kung Fu after the villain kills his nana(mithun)

Panda by accident becomes  “dragon warrior”..similarly akshay too becomes ..Liu sheng

both believe they cant do …..but ultimately overcome the villain

same good over evil story…a never ending trend in indian cinema..

I don’t understand …who the director planned to reach  grown up adults or small kids …..untimely placing of songs …the worst part.. a romance song in between a nail biting fight sequence…..

Ppl who expect to hv fun can watch the movie but others who expect story ……it will be waste spending money for this movie..

Deepika is treat to watch in this movie ….and the action sequence is really beyond indian styles ….more close to films like crouching tiger hidden dragon,jetlee movies,Shivaji(tamil)(:P)..etc

story : 1 star

stunt :4 stars

fun : 4 star

music :3 star

overall rating : 2.5 stars

time to watch : when u really want to kill time


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If the proof of a theorem is not immediately apparent, it may be because you are trying the wrong approach. Below are some effective methods of proof that may aim you in the right direction.

* Proof by Obviousness: “The proof is so clear that it need not be mentioned.”

* Proof by General Agreement: “All in Favor?…”

* Proof by Imagination: “Well, We’ll pretend its true.”

* Proof by Convenience: “It would be very nice if it were true, so …”

* Proof by Necessity: “It had better be true or the whole structure of mathematics would crumble to the ground.”

* Proof by Plausibility: “It sounds good so it must be true.”

* Proof by Intimidation: “Don’t be stupid, of course it’s true.”

* Proof by Lack of Sufficient Time: “Because of the time constraint, I’ll leave the proof to you.”

* Proof by Postponement: “The proof for this is so long and arduous, so it is given in the appendix.”

* Proof by Accident: “Hey, what have we here?”

* Proof by Insignificance: “Who really cares anyway?”

* Proof by Mumbo-Jumbo: ” For any epsilon> 0 there exists a corresponding delta > 0 s.t. f(x) − L < epsilon whenever xa < delta”

* Proof by Profanity: (example omitted)

* Proof by Definition: “We’ll define it to be true.”

* Proof by Tautology: “It’s true because it’s true.”

* Proof by Plagiarism: “As we see on page 238 …”

* Proof by Lost Reference: “I know I saw this somewhere …”

* Proof by Calculus: “This proof requires calculus, so we’ll skip it.”

* Proof by Terror: When intimidation fails …

* Proof by Lack of Interest: “Does anyone really want to see this?”

* Proof by Illegibility: ” ¥ ª Ð Þ þæ”

* Proof by Logic: “If it is on the problem sheet, then it must be true.”

* Proof by Majority Rule: Only to be used if General Agreement is impossible.

* Proof by Clever Variable Choice: “Let A be the number such that this proof works.”

* Proof by Tessellation: “This proof is just the same as the last.”

* Proof by Divine Word: “And the Lord said, ‘Let it be true,’ and it came to pass.”

* Proof by Stubbornness: “I don’t care what you say! It is true!”

* Proof by Simplification: “This proof reduces to the statement, 1 + 1 = 2.”

* Proof by Hasty Generalization: “Well, it works for 17, so it works for all reals.”

* Proof by Deception: “Now everyone turn their backs …”

* Proof by Supplication: “Oh please, let it be true.”

* Proof by Poor Analogy: “Well, it’s just like …”

* Proof by Avoidance: Limit of Proof by Postponement as t approaches infinity.

* Proof by Design: “If it’s not true in today’s math, invent a new system in which it is.”

* Proof by Intuition: “I just have this gut feeling …”

* Proof by Authority: “Well, Bill Gates says it’s true, so it must be.”

* Proof by Vigorous Assertion: “And I REALLY MEAN THAT!”

* Proof by A.F.K.T. Theorem: “Any Fool Knows That!”

* Proof by vigorous handwaving: Works well in a classroom.

* Proof by seduction: “Convince yourself that this is true!”

* Proof by accumulated evidence: “Long and diligent search has not revealed a counterexample.”

* Proof by Divine Intervention: “Then a miracle occurs …”

* Proof by forward reference: Reference is usually to a forthcoming paper of the author, which is often not as forthcoming as at first.

* Proof by funding: How could three different government agencies be wrong?

* Proof by example: The author gives only the case n = 2 and suggests that it contains most of the ideas of the general proof.

* Proof by omission: “The reader may easily supply the details” or “The other 253 cases are analogous”

* Proof by deferral: “We’ll prove this later in the course”.

* Proof by picture: A more convincing form of proof by example. Combines well with proof by omission.

* Proof by intimidation: “Trivial.”

* Proof by adverb: “As is quite clear, the elementary aforementioned statement is obviously valid.”

* Proof by cumbersome notation: Best done with access to at least four alphabets and special symbols.

* Proof by exhaustion: An issue or two of a journal devoted to your proof is useful.

* Proof by obfuscation: A long plotless sequence of true and/or meaningless syntactically related statements.

* Proof by wishful citation: The author cites the negation, converse, or generalization of a theorem from the literature to support his claims.

* Proof by eminent authority: “I saw Karp in the elevator and he said it was probably NP- complete.”

* Proof by personal communication: “Eight-dimensional colored cycle stripping is NP-complete [Karp, personal communication].”

* Proof by reduction to the wrong problem: “To see that infinite-dimensional colored cycle stripping is decidable, we reduce it to the halting problem.”

* Proof by reference to inaccessible literature: The author cites a simple corollary of a theorem to be found in a privately circulated memoir of the Slovenian Philological Society, 1883.

* Proof by importance: A large body of useful consequences all follow from the proposition in question.

* Proof by mutual reference: In reference A, Theorem 5 is said to follow from Theorem 3 in reference B, which is shown to follow from Corollary 6.2 in reference C, which is an easy consequence of Theorem 5 in reference A.

* Proof by metaproof: A method is given to construct the desired proof. The correctness of the method is proved by any of these techniques.

* Proof by vehement assertion: It is useful to have some kind of authority relation to the audience.

* Proof by ghost reference: Nothing even remotely resembling the cited theorem appears in the reference given.

* Proof by semantic shift: Some of the standard but inconvenient definitions are changed for the statement of the result.

* Proof by appeal to intuition: Cloud-shaped drawings frequently help here.

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IV –y should hv it happened????

this blog has some short nicknames …so please note this before u start reading …



kai Pilllai ->R.Vignesh

Kuchi ->srivatsan

siva ->sivakami

shiva-> shivaguru

all know tht i’m one of the very few who is total vetti in life ….

=>i hv a lot of time to spend

= >i’m not doing any useful work

=> =>=>

many implies will go..

DAY 1:

k …after a half hearted acceptance to go to the iv ..the day to board the train came ….with lot of dreamz to play a lot pranks,do comedies and thinking i will hv fun and frolic all days in tour i landed in front of the entrance ..i was welcomed by vijay ,kuchi and thanu …while thy were waiting for sanjay we did talk abt little of our plans …and thn v entered the coll and went to dept ..and v took photos near the dept…..a spark of idea from nowhere tht v went to hv an appy fizz,…to our disappt v had only an appy which was commented by vc as childs drink was theme of air at tht time and all my frnds were exchanging ringtones just to otyfy others..

v entered the bus ….and the all fun started(thinking (1))…unfortunately my frnd siva was target of the hour (i pity for u dude)…after all the kalachifying v landed in the station … v gotlot of eatables and i lost a packet of truffle and sandwiches and we went to pizza corner and with gr8 liking and joy (agn thinking(2)) and all gud adj i got a pizza for myself and after a resolution tht v will only b eating our pizzas …..i paid for it

there was a bit of confusion abt the seating and i was adviced by siva to take a seat with him pradep and gang…which i refused (my greatest mistake) and v did arrange ourself all most all them close by ..myself,vish,karti,deepu,kant,R.V,kannan,thanu and many …

the train started and the first round of terrorism happened …first karthi got beaten and thn kai pillai thn was kant and thn pritham….karthi and kai pillai lost their temper ….karthi did cry a little bit …kept for himself…

The Regulars:

after this most of my frnds were busy with there usual wrk …doing wht thy do the best …some trying to get a chance (some did really get)….


i did learn a lot of lessons …some of them are

The duration of a relationship to a person is inversely proportionate to the importance of person to you.

–i did had to consider abt my importance …but things really changed as days progressed

Usually there is a saying tht ..A Psychologist is a person who looks at the face of all men whn a beautiful girl enters the room …and i really consider changing my stream of study from comp to phych…..i love to read abt Psychology and how ppl think ,react,behave in various situation…..(and i mean here beautiful as just an adjective and not the way u actully thought…) and it was comical to my frnds behve like this …cracking mokkai jokes and (seriously ppl who do this usally didn’t crack jokes)

If you are interested in someone, a close friend will grab their attention.(Hhehehe..—just a teaser ….)

*/ //these lines are commented ppl can omit this if thy think this changes the flow of the story

some busy reading(vijay)….some helplessly listening to wht others talk ….playing cards …( i don’t understand whts there in the cards …but most of my frnds were all time busy with the cards (shld hv been the presence of …..((leave it to ur imagination))….as i don’t know to play cards and due to my helpless situation of having no company ..i had to resort to some kind new idea to keep myself occupied …..i choose myself potography …..i was near the door most of the time and took potos of how the train takes a turn,how my burst mode wrks …calculating the speed of the train and many other things which ppl don’t do usually

by tht time it was late evening and nothing much to c …just the dark sky…and the signals …i felt tooo lonely …and i cursed myself why the hell did i come to this trip

and thn i just wen t around the train and went to siva nary’s place …..and evry1 were seriously playing dumb chards and and i went inside to make some comedy and to get relieve frm such a mood …..the best thing was whn arjun showed actions of earth,water,sky and i came out with an answer as “captain planet” so instantaneous …and whn he showed actions of some1 diving i came out with answer of suicide attempt…i will never forget those comedies….and thn v got down at yeswanthpur had a cup’n’ the time there was sparks on air…

the heat had started …

after a small chat with nitin,nary,surendar…the noodles was so hot ….and it took time to cool down…and the train started and i came back to my original place..near the door …chatting with nitin ,nary letting out wht all i felt and it was cool to c tht was the same with add spices and toppings and with extra cheese from nitn and nary ….he shld hv really gone to quizes he wanted to attend

and i thought it was over and i went to sleep(thinking(5)) and i was guided to all geographical locations of berths available to rest myself by mr kant ,Kai pillai,and Deepu

As i was trying to get some get sleep i heard a series of strange interesting topic of discussion going on ….


actully i was born and brought up in chennai so i’m mostly familiar with most of the places in and around chennai My fav places are tnagar-shopping,the basketball stadium,hot chips (seriously my fav),milkyway,javagreen….i know almost all places and i am cing it right frm my 5th standard …

tambaram — a seriously busy place in the outskirts of chnnai …my fav place the madras christian coll..used to go a lot of times and even stayed in tht hostel 1’s so hv roamed arnd it many times…so pls consider tht i hv knowledge abt chnnai


now the topic was rowdiism. oh my god :- wht a topic to start of at midnight …ppl usually get frightened by certain acts of shouting or 2 an extreme beating ..i saw in my life(for first time) tht ppl can be frightened by telling stories tht 222 not ghost stories but stories tht r cooked right before thy are told…(hehehhe …..srry for being harsh)

first abt tamabaram……a combination of childs thought mixed with emotions af kaka kaka and vetayadu vilayadu kind of story by kai pillai made me laugh like any thing …but thn i had no other choice but to let things happen ….actlly it was explained in a matrix manner with a knife in front and the police strory preceding it …it was a nice story by R.V for tht moment …shld hv concentrated on the logics behind the story

next come t-nagar ….actully i expected a lot more better performance by kant ….more action,thrill etc. but his story was filled with a lot more of comedy ….combined with his mathmatical genius nous…he came out with a concentric circular story …..where his school was at a tangent and the longest chord (diameter) was the route taken by him twice to reach school and again twice to reach home ….the dia was filled with death traps …and rowdies and he had to cross all this reach his goal(a kind of mario game….hehhee)…..i do hv to give credit to the imagination skills of kant …and he concentrated more on logics …

my verdict kant story was better

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Some of my fav 1 liners…

  • Don’t let your mind wander, it’s too little to let out alone.
  • Get your facts right, then you can distort them as you please.
  • ” Every man has his follies – and often they are the most interesting thing he has got. ”
  • ” Make sure the thing you’re living for is worth dying for. “
  • ” Gravity is a myth, the earth sucks!!! ”
  • ” ‘Kill Bill’ is a movie? I though it is an another opearting system review. ”
  • ” Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go. “
  • ” One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry. ”
  • ” Wanna make your dreams true? bool dreams = true; ”
  • ” Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. “
  • ” When I was a kid the Dead Sea was only sick. ”
  • ” No trees were killed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were terribly inconvenienced. ”
  • ” If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, call it version 1.0 “
  • ” Computers are like air conditioners — they stop working properly if you open WINDOWS ”
  • ” Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk. ”
  • ” Most people are only ‘alive’ because it is illegal to shoot them. “
  • ” The number of people watching you is directly propotional to the stupidity of you action. ”
  • ” Who says nothing is impossible? I have been doing nothing all my life. ”
  • ” If you want to secure the second position, just be right behind me. “
  • ” If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space. ”
  • ” Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. ”
  • ” Research is to see what everybody has seen, thinking what nobody has thought. “
  • ” I used to be indecisive, but now I am not sure. ”
  • ” I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. ”
  • ” Two rules of Success : 1) Don’t tell everything you know. “
  • ” Everything is OK at the end, if it’s not OK, it’s not the END. ”
  • ” An alcoholic has been lightly defined as a man who drinks more than his own doctor. ”
  • ” A mind stretched by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions. “
  • ” Stability is not achieved by immobility: try to sit on an immobile bicycle! ”
  • ” Luck favours those who don’t believe in it. ”
  • ” An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it sound confusing. “
  • ” Where there’s a will there are five hundred relatives. ”
  • ” Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.. ”
  • ” Death is hereditary. “
  • ” God is real, unless declared integer. ”
  • ” Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights make a left. ”
  • ” In a country of free speech, why are there phone bills?? “
  • ” I would like to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code! ”
  • ” On the other hand… you have different fingers! “
  • ” When you come to a fork in the road, take the ‘right’ path, else you must take the path that is ‘left’. ”
  • ” If you can stay calm, while all around you is chaos..then you probably haven’t completely understood the seriousness of the situation. ”
  • ” A person who truely loves u and knows u, is someone who sees the pain in ur eyes while EVERYONE else still believes in the smile on ur face “
  • ” Windows not found: (C)heer, (P)arty, (D)ance? ”
  • ” How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hands.. ”
  • ” I do know everything, just not all at once. It’s a virtual memory problem. “
  • ” For every problem there can be multiple solutions, and the simplest one is usually neglected….! ”
  • ” Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ”
  • ” A psychologist is a man who watches everyone else when a beautiful girl enters the room. “
  • ” A common rule of thumb, Too clever is dumb! ”
  • ” If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me. ”
  • ” Windows NT encountered the following error: The operation completed successfully. “
  • ” The best Windows accelerator is that which works at 9.81m/s2 ”
  • ” Gates’ Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves. ”
  • ” Your mouse has moved. Windows NT must be restarted for the change to take effect. Reboot now? [ OK ] “
  • ” Double your disk space – delete Windows! ”
  • ” Linux, DOS, Windows NT — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. ”
  • ” Efficiency is intelligent laziness. “
  • ” The nice thing about Windows is – It does not just crash, it displays a dialog box and lets you press ‘OK’ first. ”
  • ” 47.5% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ”
  • ” To Guess Something Is Easy, To Guess Something Wrong Is Expensive. “
  • ” The one who says it cannot be done should never interrupt the one who is doing it. ”
  • ” If our brain would be simple enough for us to understand it, we would be too dumb to understand it. ”
  • ” Speak less to people whom you love most….B’coz if they cant understand your silence….They can never understand your words. “
  • ” I refuse to believe in a risk-free society where the thrill of living is traded for the safety of existence. ”
  • ” I might change my mind.. If someone offers me his instead. ”
  • ” The worst part of life is to wait. The best part is to have someone worth waiting for. ”

  • ” Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever. “
  • ” The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere is that it has never tried to contact us. ”
  • ” When I was born, I was so surprised I couldn’t talk for a year and a half. ”
  • ” It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid and don’t say it. “
  • ” Always put worry in its proper place, i.e. OUT OF YOUR LIFE. ”
  • ” It is not as difficult to apologize as it is to live with a guilty conscience. ”
  • ” Teachers are those who help us in resolving problems which, without them, we wouldn’t have. “
  • ” Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind. ”
  • ” Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. ”
  • ” I Never forget a face, but in your case i’ll be glad to make an exception. “
  • ” Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have any film. ”
  • ” There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works. ”
  • ” A true friend never gets in your way, unless you happened to go down. “
  • ” Its better to lose your pride for someone you love, than to lose that someone you love for your useless pride ”
  • ” Map out your future… but do it with pencil. ”
  • ” Always upgrade your processor to the fastest avaliable so that you can reboot windows faster. “
  • ” Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends. ”
  • ” If you aim for nothing, that’s exactly what you’ll hit: nothing. ”
  • ” I’m a nobody, nobody is perfect, and therefore I’m perfect. “
  • ” Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence. ”
  • ” Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright Until you hear them speak. ”
  • ” It is better to burn out than to fade away. “
  • ” I was an atheist until I knew I was GOD. ”
  • ” I am not sincere, even when I say I am not. ”
  • ” Impossible = I m possible “
  • ” Believe that you can’t be beaten and you won’t ”
  • ” A moments insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience ”
  • ” In matters of style, swim with the current,In matters of principle, stand like a Rock “
  • ” It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on,but it does take a lot to let go ”
  • ” Life is not measured by the breathe you take,But by the moments that takes your breathe away ”
  • ” You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful,But she is beautiful because you love her “
  • ” Ever wondered why it is called ‘common’ sense when few seems to have it? ”
  • ” If debugging is an art to remove bugs from the program, then programming must be an art to insert them. “
  • ” Diamond is just a piece of coal, with a bit more endurance. ”
  • ” I have got no companion… is always alone at the top. ”
  • ” I have the simplest choice, I am always satisfied with the best. “
  • ” If you try, you risk failure; if you don’t you ensure it. ”
  • ” I was born genius, but education ruined me. ”
  • ” Err and err and err again but less and less and less. “
  • ” Marriage is not a word, it’s a sentence…. a life sentence. ”
  • ” There is never a wrong time to do a right thing. ”
  • ” My brain has two parts : left has nothing right in it, right has nothing left in it. ”

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My xperince in Satyam cineplex..

This happened in our 2nd semester …one of the few moments i love to recollect while i’m in a bad mood

It was E-mech asses ….a kind of asses which no1 wanted to take as they knew wht will b the result …but as usual i didn’t care …i wrote the test knowing tht my probability of passing the test was approaching “0”…..same as usual but ….i wrote the test came out as hppy as i can ..usually i don’t care abt my test …but was not in a mood to attend class afterwards …as on my way out to canteen i came across vijay,shiva,nitin every1 fighting abt the paper …after a heated debate thy did come to conclusion tht thy will clear the paper but with low marks ..but thn there was a spark of idea from nowhere tht evry1 decided to go to RDB …a gr8 idea i thtgt even though i don’t know hindi tht much …but thn vatsa,sanjay all left us thy wanted to attend class…only ppl left was i ,vijay,nitin,shiva it was 10.45am ..The show was sheduled to 11.15 …we started towards the gate a long walk indeed ..and it felt too long at tht time…at the gate shiva decided to turn back ….he wanted to attend clss ….it was 10.55 ..we were determined to c the film …evry1 had money to get the ticket only ….nothing other thn tht..but we had to go by auto …we did go by auto …landed in front of satyam … v paid for the auto but no money to get 3 tickets …as usual my magic pants …i didn’t know tht i had a 50 in my pant …gud v got the tickets ..went inside…the theater was deserted …gud v took our place…the film started …nitn was translating the film to vijay mostly in his own perspective …it went went thn the interval came …gud v were surrounded by many pll(censor cut) ..v didn’t hv money to get even a popcorn or pepsi …but still hppy tht v made to the film and a seriously gud film indeed ..the film finally ended….v came out to only find out tht v were hungry and no money in hand but from somewhere again i had 30rs …had 2 pieces of parota ..gud finally while deciding how v go …vijay opened his purse ….to our amazement v saw a 100rs note …which he exclaimed to us “emergency Money “…immediately our next qustion was y he didn’t consider a situation where no one had money as an emergency situation ..his ans and i quote ‘he forgot tht he had money’..finally i had 4rs to go home from satym to my place …got a bus finally to reach home ..tht ticket was only 3rs and i was still left with me whn i reached home …

a gr8 experience tht taught me— search for something whn u really need it will surely b within ur reach … the thing i needed was money ..and i did get it while searching my pants…

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Who Were You in a Past Life?-TICKLE TEST

Vinod kumar, you could have been a famous Artist

This was actually a result i got after i attened a test in …an interesting test to take…this 1 is abt my past life..


Oil painting, sculpture, photography. No matter the medium, it’s clear that an imaginative soul like yours must have been an artist in a former life. With your creativity and originality, you’ve got a unique approach to the world that just begs to be shared with everyone.

Like the great masters who came before you, you march to the beat of your own drummer and don’t follow the herd. You live life by your own rules and aren’t afraid to express your ideas. Lucky for all of us, they’re great ones. So, keep expressing yourself. You’re sure to be legendary!

Hmm actually I didn’t expect this result but i was wondering whether this could b true ..after a series of internal arguments i came to a logical conclusion tht this can never hv happened ….but still ,i liked the imagination of being an artist so if i was an artist wht wuld b my theme of drawings,wht was i good at ..(oil,crayons water colors)….???so many questions came to my mind …hmm don’t know hw many tickle to take??to answer those

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MYSELF T.VINOD KUMAR came to earth on 28th jan,1988.Born in Chennai(INDIA).I was a very quiet boy in class when no teacher c’s me and do all kinds of pranks whn no 1 arnd .My close friend was nagaraj who was my first friend thn many ppl came and went .By the time i was in my 10th we were a gr8 gang ,an amazing gang of friends.We had a gr8 habit we meet daily at 6 and chat till 9 and thn go and sleep this was very much a routine and i hv been following this for past 6 study no dinner but just chat .v got into lot of trouble becoz of this .My results came and quiet average did well in maths and science got something close to 87%.Thn my 11th i was in a class with totally new frnds. I was a backbencher a gr8 frnd manick left and was filled by Vivek(the boy genius).Vivek was frm bombay.He used to tell a lot of things abt bombay abt the grlz,bombblast,dawood talk all time abt these things only .he didn’t like chnnai but thn nothing can b changed .together v continued with our pranks eat mentos during class ,listen to radio while sir teaching ,send and recieve sms and v enjoyed a lot .thn cameour 12th results a bit disappointed but thn got into the gr8 CEG,Chennai by luck .

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